Leggings for women-the stylish way!

My sister is a big freak when it comes to clothing. She prefers changing her clothing style every six months. Recently she has switched to fitted pants and now she is no mood of wearing them anymore. She carries an altogether new look every semester to her college. Her friends call her the stylista and she loves to be their fashion guru, when clothing is concerned!
I was amazed to see her shopping from the range of printed leggings for women online India. After I asked her, she said she is in her mood of a complete makeover and wants to try leggings. So, she has searched all the online sites to find jeggings for women.

After two days, I saw her receiving the home delivery of her order. She immediately went to her room and changed into her newly bought pair of jeggings paired with a cute tunic. She was looking fabulous. I smiled and she raised her eyebrows in hope of some compliments. In no time, her friends arrived and she made her move. Actually, she was going to her college fest and was all ready to go her stylish way. Her friends liked her jeggings a lot. They kept on praising her choice of colour and print. Even I felt like getting a pair for myself, so I ordered a a pair of printed jeggings. It displayed lovely animal print in black and brown. After delivery, I found the jeggings with amazing fit and I was on cloud nine after wearing them with my favourite three-fourth top.


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