Caps for men- stylish protection against heat

Playing sports requires all kinds of accessories and proper sports clothing. My brother spends around three-four hours of his day in the playground practising hockey and till the time he returns back home, he is all drenched in dust and looks horrible. He leaves home with a bag full of all his sports accessories and clothes. It becomes hard for him to practise during the summers.
His sports coach has several times asked him to wear sunglasses while leaving home, but he is not the one to listen. He always leaves his goggles back at home. Last week when he returned back home after his rigorous and continuous five hours practice, he complained of a terrible headache. After consulting the doctor, we came to know the real reason behind his headache was the sun heat. He was suggested to cover his head before stepping out in the sun and also to keep his head covered throughout his practice session.
So, we searched online for men’s caps and ordered two Nike caps for men then and there. My brother now wears his cap every time he is out in the sun and he feels much at ease now. He has also suggested his friends to wear cap and keeps on reminding them about the significance of men’s hats and caps. Men’s winter caps are also necessary and good as they protect against the cold. So, one should select the cap according to the situation and necessity.


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